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Kaneshwaran Govindasamy

Moderator – XCHANGING IDEAS Global 5G Evolution – 5G Conference, an International Virtual Event
Global 5G Community– 54 Countries, >500 International 5G & Ecosystem Experts
Founder – Global 5G Community 
Founder – Global 5G Advisory -5G Value Proposition to the Industry i.e Mobile Network Operators, Government & Agencies, Industry Associations, Regulators, Enterprises, Verticals & Startups
LinkedIn 5G Influencer >16k Followers LinkedIn Page Global 5G Evolution >9k Followers

Youtube Channel – 2.5kSubs,1700Hours, 45k views.

Geography High Viewership: Malaysia, India, United States, Indonesia, UK, Ukraine, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, South Korea
MISSON -To build diversity & inclusive society, economic empowerment and empowering young people
VISION – Fostering a community (Global 5G Community) and ecosystem around the development of 5G applications
VALUE -To empower Young Minds to Venture in Innovations & Human Capital Development.

4th IR Goal and Achievement oriented Leader with 26 years’ experience in the Telecommunications & ICT field in Sales, Key Account Management, Business Development in Vendor & Consulting Environment for Telco Operators, Enterprise, FMCG & GLCs

Onalytica 2023, Who’s Who in 5G? Top 50 Influencers to Follow Global 5G Evolution is Ranked No. 16 – Content Creator, Event Speaker, Thought Leader

Mobile World Congress 2024, Barcelona – Industry Analyst Huawei 5.5G – Thought Leader, Speaker & Analyst


5G Consultancy

Analysis of Mobile Network Operator’s Revenue Stream Challenges


We have identified several key factors hindering mobile network operators (MNOs) from creating new revenue streams:

  • Market Saturation: Similar services and products make it difficult to stand out.
  • Lack of Innovation: Focus on core services leaves little room for exploring new opportunities.
  • Risk Aversion: High infrastructure costs discourage investment in untested services.
  • Regulatory Hurdles: Bureaucracy and long implementation cycles slow down innovation.
  • Short-Term Focus: Pressure for immediate returns discourages long-term strategic investment.

Our Proposed Solutions are Spot On:

  • Diversification: Exploring non-traditional areas like IoT, edge computing, or mobile-linked financial services opens new avenues for growth.
  • R&D Investment: Investing in research and development is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and innovate for the future.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Working with startups, tech companies, or individuals fosters innovation and reduces risk by sharing resources.
  • Engaging Regulators: Collaboration with regulators can help streamline approval processes and create a more innovation-friendly environment.
  • Long-Term Vision: Educating shareholders about the long-term benefits of innovation can help them understand the importance of investing for the future, reducing pressure for short-term gains.

Here’s How Our Consultancy Can Help:

As a 5G Consultancy & Advisory service, we can leverage this analysis to offer valuable solutions to MNOs:

  • Market Research and Trend Analysis: Identify emerging technologies, Monetization and opportunities for diversification within the mobile landscape.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop long-term plans that balance short-term financial needs with innovation goals.
  • Partnership Facilitation: Connect MNOs with potential partners (startups, tech companies) for co-creation and risk sharing.
  • Regulatory Advocacy: Help MNOs navigate the regulatory environment and advocate for changes that encourage innovation.
  • Investor Communication: Develop strategies and materials to educate shareholders about the value of long-term innovation for MNOs.

By offering these services, we can be a valuable partner for MNOs seeking to overcome revenue stream challenges and thrive in the evolving mobile landscape.

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